18K White Gold Wedding Bands

You want the finest quality 18K white gold wedding band available, and eWeddingBands.com delivers exactly what you're looking for in this wonderful selection. Here is where you'll find beautifully-crafted 18K white gold wedding bands containing high amounts of pure gold and durable alloys that create that unmistakable white gold sheen you love so much.

Next Best Thing to 24K Gold
Gold purity is graded on a scale and the highest level of gold purity is 24K. Even so, we've chosen to ignore the 24K wedding band in favor of 18K gold styles. This is because 24K gold is so soft and pliable that we know you'd need to replace your wedding bands every few years, and that's not good enough to meet our quality standards. Next on the purity level scale is 18K gold, and it's superior to 24K in durability and longevity due to alloy content. When you select 18K white gold wedding rings, you're getting rings with about 75 percent pure gold content and 25 percent metal alloy, which gives white gold its distinctive color and sheen. Trust us when we say, this collection is among the most luxurious you'll find online or at local jewelry shops.

18K White Gold for Her
Finding a women's white gold wedding band is a breeze thanks to our easy-to-navigate eWeddingBands page organization. Choose 18k white gold ring styles that range from delicate to traditional in widths that are flattering on female fingers. If you're choosing a band for a partner, and you get the sizing wrong, don't fret. Our hassle-free money back guarantee ensures you're never stuck with an unwanted ring choice. We'll even help you with proper sizing.

18K White Gold for Him
Find a great-looking 18K white gold band in male-friendly sizes and designs. Whether you prefer gold rings with a high polish so clear you can see your reflection, or a subtle brushed metal look that offers modern chic, you'll find cool styles available for easy purchase.

Classic 18K white gold wedding bands from e- Wedding Bands are the premier choice. Buy with confidence knowing that if you are not completely satisfied with any of our 18K white gold wedding bands, you may return them for a refund. Please read our guarantee for details!