Titanium Wedding Bands

All e- Wedding Bands' Titanium wedding bands are made from high Aircraft Grade (6AL/4V) Titanium unless specified otherwise to provide our customers the highest quality.

Lightweight and easy to wear, titanium wedding bands are quickly becoming one of the most popular options on the market. Known for being exceptionally durable, titanium is harder than gold and weighs about a third as much. The combination of durability, lightweight construction and affordability is what draws so many couples towards titanium options for their nuptials. eWeddingBands is proud to offer a large selection of titanium rings for men and women and all of our titanium wedding bands are made from aircraft grade (6AL/4V) titanium, unless otherwise specified.

Versatile and Affordable

The first thing that draws many couples to titanium rings over gold is the cost. Titanium is relatively inexpensive, but still has a warm feel, similar to gold. The rings come in a range of widths and are suitable for men or women. Best of all, they can still be made with rounded edges and other subtle details that couples often look for in wedding bands. Titanium has a natural gray tone that's similar to white gold or platinum, but under carefully controlled manufacturing conditions, the exterior color can be permanently changed to a rich and luxurious black.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Titanium is often thought of as being scratch-resistant, but that's not really the case. While the metal is extremely durable compared to gold, titanium wedding bands will still show scratches and scrapes. It's important to note that due to the incredible strength of titanium, re-sizing a titanium ring is nearly impossible, so be sure to choose the correct ring size. However, once outfitted with the correct size of ring, a titanium wedding band will last a lifetime and will maintain its good looks with less maintenance and for a longer period of time than a standard gold or platinum ring.

Another common question buyers have is can titanium be cut in the event of an emergency? The short answer is yes. In situations where it may be necessary to cut the ring off, a titanium ring can be removed by cutting, though it will be significantly more difficult to cut through than gold or platinum.

If you're looking for a wedding band that's beautiful, affordable and extremely durable, a titanium wedding band may be right for you. Take a peek at our selection and find a ring that's right for your needs.

Can a Titanium ring be cut off?

Yes! Please be aware that in any situation where it might become necessary to cut off a Titanium ring--for instance excessive weight gain, hand injury, etc.--cutting through titanium will be more difficult than cutting through gold or platinum. However, it can still be done.

In our own jewelry shop, we used a separating disc and flexible shaft tool--items commonly found in nearly all jewelry shops that work with gold, silver, and platinum--to cut through one of our 5mm domed and comfort fit titanium rings. We placed the ring in a vice and were able to cut all the way through it in 20 seconds. That speed generated too much heat to be comfortable if the ring was being worn, so one of our goldsmiths used a separating disk to cut through another 5mm domed and comfort-ft titanium band while wearing it on his own finger.  He used the separating disk at a much slower rate so as not to generate too much heat, and frequently submersed his finger in cool water to keep the band cool.  He safely cut through the band in 3 minutes with no discomfort or injury to his finger.  Next, we contacted our local hospital emergency room and asked if they were equipped to cut off a titanium ring in an emergency. Most hospital emergency rooms are prepared to handle almost anything, and ours assured us that it would be no problem for them.

During our 35+ years of jewelry repair experience, we've only seen a dozen or so rings that have been cut off in hospital emergency rooms, and in most of those cases the rings had been bent out-of-round and were putting painful pressure on the finger. Titanium rings are less likely to crush or bend out-of-round, so if you shut your hand in a car door or drop a heavy object on it, it might be safer to be wearing a titanium ring than a precious metal band! Nonetheless, if you ever need your titanium ring cut off, just contact a local jeweler that uses separating discs. Please check with your local medical facility if you have concerns.