How to Pay for Your Wedding Bands

Credit Cards:

Here are eWeddingBands we accept all major credit cards through our secure server:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover


We are happy to accept PayPal payments. Just add the rings you would like to purchase to your cart and at checkout, choose PayPal as your payment option. We highly encourage PayPal for international orders because of its increased security. Using PayPal is the best option for international orders and will expedite your shipment.

Debit Cards:

A debit card is treated differently than a credit card by your bank. A debit card is much like a credit card in that it may display a credit card company logo, like VISA or MasterCard, but a charge to your debit card uses funds directly from your bank account. The biggest difference is that most banks institute a transaction limit and daily limit on your debit card. If the price of your order exceeds the transaction limit or daily limit, you might have problems placing your order and it would appear that your card is declined. This can easily be corrected, however. Just contact your bank and tell them you are placing an order online and ask them to waive the limit for this one-time purchase.

Phone Orders:

We prefer that orders be placed on the website by simply adding products to the cart and checking out. However, we can help you place the order over the phone if you need assistance. When you call in please give the customer service agent the following code: