PD950 Palladium Wedding Bands

Premium quality palladium wedding bands for him and her are an affordable substitute for platinum wedding bands. Palladium has a captivating luster, which is very similar to platinum, and both share many characteristics. In fact, palladium is a sister metal to platinum, so you're choosing rings within the same supremely lustrous family.

What is PD950 Palladium?

Platinum jewelry gets more attention, but 950 palladium has been around for decades. In the late 1930s, the use of platinum was restricted to military use only, and jewelers needed a metal with similar properties. This led to the development of PD950 palladium, a mixture of natural palladium and ruthenium. Every palladium wedding ring featured in our collection contains 95 percent palladium and 5 percent ruthenium.

Rarer Than Gold

What's more precious than gold rings? Palladium rings. Both palladium and platinum are rare precious metals, and this rarity makes their uniqueness more special.

Palladium Rings vs. White Gold Rings

White gold has a shine that is certainly eye-catching. So, why choose a palladium ring over white gold? The answer is simple: PD950 palladium wedding bands are whiter than white gold. That's good news if you love rings with a white sheen. Sometimes white gold has a slight yellow tinge. That yellow is there because white gold is really a mixture of pure yellow gold and white metals such as nickel and zinc. White gold rings are often coated with palladium or rhodium electroplating to increase their appeal.

Skip the enhancements and go with a gorgeous palladium ring from our collection. Rings in this collection maintain their high-quality white sheen day after day, so you'll never need to go through the expense of refreshing the plating. Palladium is a true white metal that stays white forever.

A Comfortable Hypoallergenic Alternative to 14K Gold

Despite the beauty of 14K gold wedding bands, they can cause irritation in people with metal allergies. That's because nickel is part of the ring formulation. Thankfully, palladium wedding bands are nickel-free, making them an excellent alternative to quality gold wedding bands.

Are 950 Palladium Rings Durable Like Platinum Rings?

Palladium rings are just as durable as platinum ring styles. That said, palladium rings are more susceptible to scratches than gold rings. However, women and men's palladium wedding bands never chip like gold, so the distortion is slight. Order your hand-crafted palladium ring from eWeddingBands today and receive fast delivery of your precious symbol of love.