18K Gold Wedding Bands

When you want the very best 18k wedding bands for your special day, you'll find what you're seeking in this marvelous collection. All of our 18k gold wedding bands meet the highest quality standards for design, style and luster. Start by browsing different styles, then select a style that speaks to you to search for the perfect ring for your wedding.

What Makes 18K Gold Rings Special?

Yellow gold rings are made at different levels of quality, and the yellow gold categories include 10K and 14K rings. While rings at those quality levels are beautiful and are made of the highest quality, yellow gold wedding bands crafted of 18K gold have even more outstanding quality and beauty.

Every 18K gold wedding ring in this collection is made of the finest gold metal, and the pure gold color of each ring gleams with warm richness. The only thing better is a pure gold nugget straight out of the mine, but our rings are significantly more eye-pleasing.

Comfort-Fit vs. Standard-Fit 18K Gold Wedding Bands

Here at eWeddingBands, we know all fingers are not made the same, which is why we give you a choice between comfort-fit wedding band and standard-fit wedding band styles. The only thing that should be going through your minds during the ring exchange is how much you love each other, and not whether the ring fits right. So, now that you have this choice, you're wondering, what's the difference?

We're happy to oblige. Comfort fit 18K gold wedding rings are made with a little extra gold metal, and the inside of the rings are slightly domed. The domed area is the key to making them more comfortable for some ring wearers. Alternatively, standard-fit rings are typically flat on the inside. If you normally find flat ring interiors somewhat uncomfortable, comfort-fit rings are a great option.

Why You'll Love 18K Gold wedding band shopping at eWeddingBands

Shopping for your 18K yellow gold wedding band on eWeddingBands is simple, and you'll love the ease at which you can find different ring styles. Gold ring categories are well organized to make your search faster. Additionally, the 18K gold ring prices are phenomenal for artisan-quality rings. So, whether you're looking for classic all-gold wedding bands, or two-tone mixed metal styles, you'll find your dream golden wedding band in our collection at eWeddingBands.