You can personalize your band to suit your tastes by adding a distinctive finish.  Our talented goldsmiths finish all of our bands by hand, and many of our bands come with your choice of finish.  These finishes are hand-applied by the goldsmiths, and can give your band personality to reflect your great taste.  The best part?  Adding a special finish does not add any additional processing time to your order!  Which finish best represents you?

Please note: finish fees are non-refundable if for any reason you need to return your order.

High Polish/Shiny Finish (Free): Our high polish finish is our most popular finish, and it often offered for free on our bands.  A highly polished band will have a bright, shiny exterior that reflects light very well.  It is a classic, traditional finish for your band.

Brushed/Satin Finish ($10):
A brush finish lends the band a subtle, matte finish.  A brush finish is a very popular way to give your band a more contemporary, sleek look.  A brush finish is a gorgeous, soft finish.

Stone Finish ($10):
Our stone is a rougher, deeper texture which looks a bit more rugged and organic.  A stone finish is a great option for a customer who is very active, because it disguises scuffs and scratches well.

Florentine Finish ($40 by special request):
Our Florentine finish is one of the most intricate finishes available for fine jewelry.  For this finish, our goldsmiths hand cut a lattice pattern into the surface of the wedding band, creating a bold, striking pattern on your band.

Any band that is offered with your choice of finish will have a drop-down menu provided for you to select your desired finish.  Questions?  Please feel free to contact us

With daily wear of your wedding band, the appearance will begin to change as the surface starts showing signs of wear.  Finishes will eventually wear away, and your band will develop a natural patina, which is recognized as the normal look for a wedding band.  When choosing a finish for your style of wedding band, remember that coarse finishes will last longer than fine finishes.  For example, Florentine and stone finishes are cut deeper into the surface of the ring than other finishes, and will therefore last longer.  A softer brush or satin finish will wear away the quickest. 

How quickly a finish will wear will depend on the activity level of the customer.   The good news is that all of these finishes can be easily replaced.  Should you ever want your e- Wedding Bands ring restored to its original appearance, simply return it to us.  We offer free cleaning, polishing, and rhodium plating (applicable for white gold bands).  The only cost to you will be the price to reapply your brush, stone, or Florentine finish, plus shipping to and from our shop.