Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands

The exchange of rings during wedding vows is one of the most powerful symbols of everlasting love between a couple. Cobalt rings are a wonderful choice for expressing an unbreakable bond of true love. If you're seeking unique wedding bands made of durable metal, but desire a high-gleam look, this collection of hand-crafted cobalt chrome rings offers style, comfort and toughness.

The Look of White Gold, But Tougher

Cobalt wedding bands are an excellent alternative if you admire the beauty of white gold rings. There's something special about that bright metallic gleam that draws your attention. Yet, you prefer a stronger metal than white gold. Your search for the perfect alternative is over because cobalt chrome metal offers that same glimmering shine, but is even better, as cobalt jewelry is five times harder than gold. Additionally, it's seven times harder than silver metal and four times harder than platinum. That's a whole lot of strength packed into a single wedding band.

Bio-Compatible and Hypoallergenic

Cobalt chrome rings are also a great choice for you if you cannot wear other types of metal rings due to metal allergies. These stylish metal rings are made of the same type of metal used in many surgical instruments, which must be made of metals tolerated well by the human body. You won't have to worry about undesirable metals such as nickel causing you problems. All our cobalt rings are hypoallergenic, so you can enjoy wearing your wedding band every day.

What's the Difference Between Cobalt Chrome, Titanium and Tungsten?

Titanium is so admired for its superior strength, that it's been forever immortalized as one of the strongest metals. That being said, tungsten is lauded for being even harder than titanium and steel. So, why choose cobalt?

The high-polished gleam of chrome and cobalt wedding bands is much whiter than rings made with titanium and tungsten. This high gleam is compatible to white gold and platinum styles, and best of all, that gleam is here to stay. Chrome rings are naturally brilliant in color, which is perfect for long-term visual panache.

Cobalt offerings are slightly lighter in weight than tungsten rings, but heavier than titanium. Additionally, these extremely comfortable rings offer more scratch-resistance than titanium and precious metal wedding bands.