14K Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Step outside the traditional wedding band box and choose a modern 14K rose gold wedding band for him and her. Rose gold rings have a warm, yet noticeably distinctive look with timeless fashion appeal. At eWeddingBands.com, you'll find a selection of premium-quality rose gold ring designs to suit your personal style preferences and your budget.

How Do They Get Their Pink Color?

Rose gold easily stands out when compared to yellow gold or white gold. Pink is the color of love and passion, and gold represents richness and beauty. Put those two things together and you've got a gorgeous ring that perfectly expresses your feelings about your relationship. Even with all that going on, you may be wondering how they get their pink color. We're happy to reveal how this happens.

How Much is a Rose Gold Ring Worth?

Many people wonder how the value of rose gold compared to other gold like white gold or yellow gold. The answer really depends on the quantity of gold exists in the item of jewelry. Since rose gold is a blend of gold and copper, and copper prices are lower than gold, one has to measure the gold content of both items of jewelry.

What are the Advantages of Rose Gold Over other Metals?

Rose gold is a very strong/durable metal due to the strength of copper. Consider how copper is useful in other industries. So on head-to-head comparisons, rose gold is tougher than yellow gold and white gold. Also, since rose gold is not plated to give its beautiful color, it never wears off due to wear and tear.

Is Rose Gold Hypoallergenic?

If you have sensitive skin and are concerned about which gold metal option  s the best hypoallergenic option,  consider whether the skin is allergic to copper. If so, then white or yellow gold will be better than rose gold.


Basically, rose gold is a wonderful precious metal marriage between yellow gold and copper. During processing, various amounts of copper alloy are mixed into 14K yellow gold and the result is a red, pink or rose color hue that has a cool or warm tone.

Common Rose Gold Ring Styles 

Traditional Bands
Rose gold is simply stunning when crafted into traditional band ring styles. We offer rose gold bands featuring a classic high-polished finish that gleams in the light. Alternatively, you can choose to go with a modern industrial-style matte finish or pick a ring that combines the two together for added uniqueness. Many styles include built-in comfort-fit that offers a higher level of wearable comfort.

Diamond Rose Gold Rings
When beautiful diamonds are added to a rose gold band, the result is a dazzling ring with lots of fashion appeal. Both diamonds and the rose gold metal attract the eye, and this combination is a winner, whether you wear it as an engagement ring or a wedding band.

Men's Rose Gold Rings
If you're looking for a men's 14K rose gold wedding band with an upscale vibe, find just what you're seeking in our collection. The quality of these men's rings is comparable to 24K gold wedding bands, except you get a lot more durability with 14K gold. Check out artisan-quality men's styles in classic and larger widths.

Women's Rose Gold Rings
Rose gold is a popular women's wedding band because it matches all skin types, as well as traditional wedding dress colors including white or cream. The ring looks stunning in wedding photographs too. Our women's styles come in a variety of widths, shapes and styles. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact our customer service and ask about our custom wedding ring options.  

Still looking for a ring? Check out our selection of new rose gold wedding bands at eWeddingbands.com.