14K Wedding Bands

There is nothing more precious than gold when it comes to your choice of wedding bands, and 14K gold wedding bands are the epitome of beauty and elegance. You want to find the best-looking ring at the right price, and there are plenty of classically beautiful rings in this stunning collection.

The Classic 14K Gold Wedding Band

The popularity of 14K wedding bands is undeniable, and the classic solid gold band continues to be a favorite for many. It's easy to fall in love with the natural yellow gold color that looks phenomenal on your finger. But, there's another reason to choose a classic style, and that's durability.

Precious gold has a rich, warm color that is breathtaking to behold, but over time, lesser quality gold tends to fade and discolor. What makes 14K gold rings so special is their high-quality gold and alloy mixture. Gold by itself is a beautiful-but-finicky metal that requires the addition of certain metal alloys to boost its strength, and with 14K gold, you get the perfect balance of gold and alloy. Jewelry professionals consider 14K gold an ideal choice for its luster and resistance to discoloration.

You have many choices when selecting a classic gold wedding ring. Traditional styles feature a clean, smooth surface with a classic no-frills look, while more modern styles are designed to fit your unique style and personality. Finding the perfect size and width for your finger is easy with our 3D image viewing feature.


Everyone's different, and you may find yourself attracted to 14K yellow gold wedding bands that feature ornate embellishments. These styles add extra detailing such as beveled edges, Milgrain edges or Newport enhancements. You'll also find exquisite artisan-quality designer gold bands that are uniquely opulent.

Get a Great Fitting Ring

At eWeddingBands, we know that fit is everything when it comes to choosing your ring, so all of our rings are made-to-order to ensure your ring fits comfortably. After selecting a ring style, click on the drop-down menu to select your size.


While ordering gold wedding rings, you can choose to have them engraved with initials or a meaningful sentiment. One engraved line equals 30 characters, and two engraved lines equal 60 characters, so you have plenty of space for self-expression to your true love. Select your preferred font style to make your engraving even more special.